Female University Undergraduates' Participation in Science, Technology and Mathematics Programmes: Implications for Sustainable Development

Author(s): Salami Olajumoke Olayemi Ph. D., Department of Science Education, Faculty of Education, Federal University Oye Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria

This paper discusses the importance of Mathematics as an indispensable tool for national development. It further highlights the importance of girl child education and participation in Science, Technology and Mathematics. The cultural impact on female education in Nigerian societies is highlighted. The place of Science, Technology and Mathematics in national growth and development was discussed. The enrolment pattern of Female University Undergraduates in Science, Technology and Mathematics. The implications of female university undergraduates’ participation in Science, Technology and Mathematics for sustainable development were identified and discussed. Recommendations were proffered. Among the recommendations include: the need for the federal, state and local governments to strengthen the society awareness on the disparity in enrolment of male and female University undergraduates in science, technology and mathematics programmes at institutions of higher learning through the radio, television, organized seminars, workshops and conferences by professional bodies.

Keywords: Female, University Undergraduates, Participation, Science, Technology and Mathematics, Sustainable Development